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PCB Depaneling Machine ETE-508-500

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PCB Depaneling Machine ETE-508-500

Upgrade your PCB production capabilities with the ETE-508-500 PCB depaneling machine. Featuring a movable blade and high-speed steel blade material, this machine offers precision cutting for long panels up to 500mm in length. Improve your production efficiency and enhance PCB manufacturing with the ETE-508-500.


The PCB Depaneling Machine ETE-508-500 offers several advantages, including the ability to adjust the cutting path based on specific panel layouts, ensuring clean and accurate separation without causing stress or damage to the PCBs and electronic components. This helps to maintain the integrity of the PCBs and ensures high-quality depanelization.

PCB depaneling machine
Experience efficient and precise PCB cutting with the ETE-508-500 depaneling machine. Its movable blade design and high-speed steel blade material ensure clean and accurate cuts for long panels, making it an ideal choice for PCB assembly and manufacturing. Upgrade your production capabilities with the ETE-508-500.


  1. The cutting speed is adjustable, with high and low settings of 500mm/s and 300mm/s. A faster blade speed can improve product quality, producing clean and burr-free cuts.
  2. The blade travel distance is 0-500mm (blade length can be customized). The blade height can be finely adjusted by 0-2mm to accommodate various PCB thicknesses and resolve V-CUT cut depth issues. The operating table height is adjustable by 0-50mm.
  3. The PCB Depaneling Machine “V” slot guide can be adjusted vertically to accommodate different thicknesses of substrates more quickly and securely, increasing the range of applications.
  4. The PCB Depaneling Machine cutting knives can be re-sharpened and reused many times, reducing costs.
  5. PCB Depaneling Machine’s cutting stroke is less than 1-2mm, so there is no worry about the safety of operation.
  6. The blade is made of SKD11 high speed steel, which is wear-resistant and durable.
  7. Stainless steel platform (1.2m or 24m optional) with laser scale positioning function can be added. No limitation on the length of slitting.

Equipment Specifications:

Model: ETE-508-500

Equipment parameters: 765mmx365mmx410mm

Depaneling thickness: 0.8-3.0mm

Maximum depaneling length: 500mm

Maximum depaneling width: Unlimited

Conveying speed: 300-500mm/second

Blade material: SKD61 high-speed steel

Operating temperature: 10-35℃

Storage temperature: -20-50℃

Power supply: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ, 60W

Machine weight: 32KG


  1. The PCB remains stationary while the cutting blade moves, avoiding component damage caused by PCB movement (friction between PCB and workbench).
  2. When breaking multiple connected boards after soldering, there is often a risk of damaging the circuits or breaking electronic components. This machine uses a moveable blade for cutting, reducing stress, preventing solder joint cracking and component breakage, and improving production efficiency and quality.

Working Principle

  1. PCB Depaneling Machine adopts a unique cutting method, circuit board cutting is completed by six blades, the upper and lower two blades as a group, constituting a cutting unit. Respectively, A, B, C three groups. The entire cutting process is divided into three stages, the A group of blades first cut the circuit board 40%, then the B group of blades again from the A group of blades cut through the groove milled, again to complete the 40% of the cutting volume, and finally by the C group of blades to cut the last 20% and trimming, due to the small amount of cutting each time, so that the cutting process produces more than the traditional way of cutting off the stress generated by one time to reduce the cut by more than 80%. The edge of the divided circuit board is smooth and even, and the board surface is very flat, not twisted or warped.
  2. Due to multiple cutting, the cutting process is very smooth, greatly improving the positioning ability of the V-CUT groove, even if the V-CUT groove is very shallow circuit boards, there will be no V-CUT groove from the guide knife jumped out of the situation, to avoid producing defective products.
  3. All cutting blades of PCB Depaneling Machine are calibrated by laser interferometer to ensure that the rear blade can accurately continue cutting in the slot cut by the front blade. The force tip jumps no more than 0.02mm to ensure perfect cutting quality.
  4. Stainless steel platform 1.2 meters or 2.4 meters with laser scale positioning function can be added as an option)

What is the price?

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