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Small Quantity Component Supply

Provide a variety of small quantities of components supply services to solve your prototype trial production, new product development, and project order additional emergency replenishment problems.
-There is almost no limitation of order quantity and order amount;
-Help to reach the cost control budget in the research and development stage;
-Assist in the investigation of the subsequent mass production of various materials market supply situations, to ensure stable demand;

Shortage And Discontinued Components Supply

Provide shortage, discontinued, cold parochial series components supply service to solve your lack of material distress.
Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days at any time on duty, several suitable suppliers spot inventory on standby, 70% of the original wide range of agents flexible ordering; -Source channels in Europe, the United States, the United States, and other countries.
-Source channels throughout Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea.
Efficient ERP e-commerce platform to search every corner of the world.

Long-Term Supply And Stocking Services

Provide components to reduce the cost of long-term supply and stocking services to solve your standard models of stable supply concerns.
-Timely feedback on material market dynamics, with the development of production planning forecasts, to achieve zero inventory material management factories.
-Batch flexible material preparation program to reduce the cost and time of a single transaction; -Provide pre-sales and after-sales value-added services.

Pre-Sale And After-Sale Value-Added Services

Provide pre-sale and after-sale value-added services, acting as a personal consultant to solve all kinds of complex problems in your work.
-Help to find technical support documents, datasheets, and information.
-Help to find all kinds of discontinued hard-to-find device replacement programs.
-Provide samples on request

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